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With the Saints

With The Saints is a worship band out of Charleston, South Carolina. Shortly after their formation in 2015, they began recording their debut album Fresh Waters, which was released in April of 2016. Nearly a year after, their sophomore album KAIROS was released. They continue to hone their sound with a mix of classic worship and modern pop-rock styles. With The Saints has taken part in several events in the southeast including The Response SC, The Response NC, Charleston Worships, Wildfires School, Ignite Conference, and HIM Regional Conference.

With The Saints

With the Saints

KAIROS, the sophomore album from With The Saints, dropped at the end of April. Hailing from Charleston, South Carolina, With The Saints is a worship band, whose goal is to “awaken the hearts of God’s people to their true identity.”

In the New Testament, the Greek term Kairos means “time.” Not time in a chronological sense, but time in the sense of “appointed time,” a moment of opportunity, a cusp of transition. Some might define it as the point where chronological time intersects with God’s plan.

With The Saints, stylistically, fits in the contemporary worship music category, also called praise or worship music. Essentially modern worship music is religious pop music, a genre that is becoming more and more popular.

KAIROS contains fourteen tracks. “I Will Praise,” the first track is an upbeat tune, with a catchy, positive melody driven by synths and guitars. Actually, it’s an excellent tune; the female vocalist has a clear, powerful voice that fits the melody, and she phrases well. It’s the kind of song you put on in your car and sing along with as you hit the freeway.

“Feel A Fire” is another upbeat song, with a bit of an electronic dance influence. Layered instruments provide a bright sound to the melody, which is powerful. What I didn’t care for was the vocalist. His voice is good, but has a restrained tone that pulls the music in rather than pushing it out. The following track, “I Will Say Yes,” starts out similarly, but then the vocalist sets his emotions free and pushes the music out and up. This projection sets the melody free to soar and spiral upon diaphanous sonic currents. This is one of my favorite songs on the album.

“You Never Walk Away” establishes a more thoughtful mood; the melody is slower and flows instead of soaring, but nevertheless it’s delightful. An R&B influence emanates forth, giving the tune a personal feel. And the female vocalist offers a singularly imaginative interpretation, one that is full of style as well as substance. The same may be said for “I Love You,” which carries R&B flavoring, along with a light, pretty melody.


Next up is “The Promised Land.” The intro sounds like the opening to a country western ballad; fortunately, it only lasts a few seconds, and then the melody reveals itself – laid-back, but cogent. Driven by the piano, with nice background synth accents, the melody contains a subdued dynamic that grabs the listener’s attention.

With the Saints

“To the Most High” has a Neil Young influence that flows into an orchestral-like arrangement on the chorus. The combination works well. And although the vocalist has a dulcet voice, I wonder what the song would sound like if someone with a less “perfect” voice sang it. A rough, gravelly voice might make it more affecting.

The intro to “Wildfires” carries both an electronic dance music vibe and an ambient music feel. Then it takes off, becoming an amalgamation of electronic dance and pop. I liked it. “Hope For A Future” is rife with a soul influence, and perhaps just a bit of hip hop. The vocals are great, heavy with visible disturbances that strike to the listener’s heart.

“Limitless God,” another of my favorite tracks, features a soulful melody driven by synths, and has some outstanding drum fills near the end. The vocalist provides a passionate performance – a pyrotechnic choral display – that exposes a delightful spark of what faith feels like when put into musical form.

“Living Again” ramps things up a bit, with a driving, thumping electronic dance melody that pulses with restrained energy. The subsequent track, “Break Down Our Walls,” returns to the soul influence, as the melody reaches out with spinning, cotton candy filaments. Another excellent tune!

The last two tracks on the album are “Transform Me” and “Heavenly Melody.” The former rides a slower, more introspective melody that hovers on the edge of indiscernibility. In contrast, “Heavenly Melody,” another laid-back song, partakes of a string-driven melody that emerges in an impressive manner.

KAIROS is an excellent album and With The Saints are to be commended for producing a stellar musical endeavor. If pressed, my favorites on the album are “I Will Praise” and “I Will Say Yes.”

Good stuff!

Find out more about With The Saints here.

With The Saints is a worship movement to awaken the hearts of God’s people to their true identity /// A movement from the church to the kingdom.